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A Court Forgotten and Cursed.jpg

Promises can be deadly. 

Mairi is an ordinary teenage girl plagued by nightmares where she is a damsel in distress and never saved. At least she thinks she is ordinary until one day a strange, new boy comes to her school and everything she knew about her life unravels and crashes down around her.

Varik is not just any strange, new boy, he is the King of Vyrin–a vampire kingdom in the Unseelie Court–and was promised to marry Mairi. At least that was the case before her father, King Teriyn of Zephendyr–a fae kingdom of the Seelie Court–broke his promise and sent her off the earthen plane where he thought she’d never be found. 

Angered by King Teriyn’s deceit, Varik vows to tear down the Unseelie Court if he cannot get Mairi to remember her past and the love they both shared. 

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